European public health week 2019


European public health week 2019

Celebrating healthy populations

An initiative by the European Public Health Association (EUPHA)


The European public health week aims to create awareness about public health and demonstrate opportunities for healthy populations. Each day of the week focuses on a theme that relates to healthy populations. To celebrate healthy populations, the whole population has to be healthy, leaving no-one behind.  

Many professionals work hard for a healthy population. The European public health week aims to bring together professionals and organisations that invest in healthy populations in Europe. Together with these partners, public health is celebrated.

Dates: 13 – 17 May 2019

Location: The European Public Health week is primarily an online campaign. There will also be a physical meeting kicking off the week, i.e. a press conference in Brussels. Throughout the week partners and EUPHA members can organise national and local events e.g. seminars, lectures, films.

Themes of the European Public Health Week 2019


Monday 13 May

Tuesday 14 May

Wednesday 15 May

Thursday 16 May

Friday 17 May


Becoming, being and remaining physically active

Healthy environments

Care 4 care

Sustainable and healthy diets

Youth mental health


Activity friendly environments; work and health; rehabilitation; sickness absence; social security benefits

Urban health; air pollution; green zones; blue zones; road infrastructure and road safety; healthy communities and neighbourhoods

Prevention in healthcare; (self-)management of chronic diseases; primary healthcare; health services research; health workforce research; access to healthcare; health insurance; healthcare reform

Healthy diets; sustainable agriculture; food production; food system transformation; food safety laws; fat tax and sugar tax


Mental health public services; healthy sleep patterns; online and offline balance; social relationships; supportive peers

Motto of the day

“I like to move it, move it.”

“You are where you live.”

“Healthcare systems for healthy populations.”

“A healthy diet within planetary boundaries.”


Potential partners

Employers, unions, occupational therapists,

physical therapists


City administrations, health cities network, urban planners, municipalities, local governments,

Informal caregivers, hospitals, healthcare managers, primary care, elderly care homes etc. à all health CARE

Consumers and stakeholders in the food chain

Young people, mental health awareness groups, schools, GPs, employers


We are inviting DG Sante and WHO EURO to commit to this pilot week.


In general: EUPHA members, professional organisations, (wide) city administrations, Ministries of Health and other ministries (whole government), NGOs, WHO, European Commission, Public Health institutes, universities, media, patient organisations, and an open invitation to others.