Mission, priorities and aims


  • To promote public health and contribute to the achievement of health equity;
  • To add value to the sectoral and intersectoral interactions of the Bulgarian scientific community, general population and policy-makers in relation to public health;
  • To create and operate an independent network of people and institutions for free exchange of ideas, knowledge, know-how, experiences and relevant projects collaboration at regional, national and global level.


  • Improve effectiveness of public health policy and practice
  • To act as a catalyst and broker in public health processes and relationships for improving health and quality of life of the Bulgarian citizens;
  • Build evidence-based knowledge of the new public health
    • To steer a multidisciplinary research work and develop the knowledge base for public health developments;
  • Build capacity of public health education
  • To foster the development of university and post-graduate education for generating generalists and managers of public health, better prepared for working and managing roles.


  • Building alliances and partnerships for systematic consultation of all stakeholders (scientists, health professionals, regulatory authorities, health insurers and partnerships for systematic consultation of all stakeholders (scientists, health professionals, regulatory authorities, health insurers and health services, consumers/patients, NGOs and international organizations);
  • Establishing a network of regional coordinators representing University Chairs of Public Health, communities and NGOs for strengthening the public dialogue and clear division of responsibilities;
  • Giving visibility on a national and international level to best practice and best health policies as examples and inspiration for other communities;
  • Providing efficient mechanisms and longer-lasting framework for exchange of information and ideas, share skills and experiences and coordinate projects that promote public health;
  • Ensuring a solidity in the chain of interdependent and interdisciplinary actions of various institutions for better identification of priority research areas, more effective strategies for reaching solutions in public health and decreasing the duplication of efforts;
  • Elaborating scientific reports on public health status and health reform developments for improving public knowledge and understanding of major health problems;
  • Advocating for changes in public health policy and practice of governmental bodies and NGOs that influence the total environment and other determinants of the health of the people;
  • Assisting the development of comprehensive, flexible and effective health information system;
  • Raising the visibility and the impact of the integrated public health values in the information space, where the choice, behaviour and perceptions of politicians and communities are formed;
  • Establishing and expanding twinning partnerships for introducing of the European Master of Public Health Programme in Bulgaria and harmonizing of the base courses in Public Health;
  • Providing a national forum for mutual support and professional advancement of its members;
  • Encouraging multidisciplinary actions in other sectors than health but having a crucial role to play in the promotion of public health (environment, education, water supply and sanitation, housing, macroeconomic policies, etc.).