Founded in Sofia in 2003, the Bulgarian Public Health Association is a voluntary, public, non-profit organization. In 2016 BPHA got a re-registration according to the current Bulgarian law and acts.

Mission, priorities and aims


  • To promote public health and contribute to the achievement of health equity;
  • To add value to the sectoral and intersectoral interactions of the Bulgarian scientific community, general population and policy-makers in relation to public health;
  • To create and operate an independent network of people and institutions for free exchange of ideas, knowledge, know-how, experiences and relevant projects collaboration at regional, national and global level.

Membership and benefits


The BPHA offers the following categories of member­ship:

  • Institutional members are organizations of international, national, regional or local level whose activities are focused on specific aspects of public health developments;
  • Individual members are individuals who support the mission, goals and objectives of the BUPHA;
  • Honorary members are individuals or organizations who make a special contribution to the mission of the BPHA or to the development of its goals and objectives, who may be invited to be an honorary member.

Organisational structure

  • Bulgarian Public Health Association (BPHA) is the only officially recognized Bulgarian association as a full member of European Public Health Association (see http://eupha.org/ → our members → full members →Bulgaria).
  • Through EUPHA Bulgarian Public Health Association is also a member of World Federation of Public Health Associations (see WFPHA http://www.wfpha.org/
  • By March 2019 BPHA includes 183 regular members representing the following  basic divisions:
    • Pleven: Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Health care and Faculty of Pharmacy at Medical University - Pleven;; 
    • Varna: Faculty of Public Health at Medical University “Prof. Dr Paraskev Stoynov” - Varna;
    • Plovdiv: Faculty of Public Health at Medical University - Plovdiv;
    • Sofia: National Centre of Public Health and Analysis;
    • Stara Zagora: Medical Faculty and Medical College at Trakia University;
    • Ruse: Faculty of Public Health and Health Care at Ruse University
    • Group of members from other institutions.

More detailed information about our members, their current professional status, affiliations, year of joining BPHA and  EUPHA, etc. see in section “Members”

Financial reports


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