First online Jubilee Scientific Conference with international participation “New approaches in public health and health policy” , Pleven. 26-28 November 2020

On 26-28 November 2020, the Faculty of Public Health at the Medical University of Pleven, with the exclusive support by the Bulgarian Public Health Association, carried out a very successful Jubilee scientific conference with international participation “New approaches in public health and health policy” for the 15th anniversary of the faculty.

In this remarkable scientific forum 6 international experts in public health and bioethics participated with plenary lectures and workshops. The first plenary lecture by Dr Iveta Nagyova, President of EUPHA, underlined the importance of interdisciplinary evidence-based approach to public health. Prof. Dina Balabanova, London School of hygiene and tropical medicine, presented the perspectives of people-centred care for the effective hypertension control in low- and middle-income countries. Prof. John Kinsman, European Centre for prevention and disease control, Stockholm, conducted extremely useful and interactive workshop on qualitative research. Another high-quality workshop on systematic reviews was realized by prof. Miroslav Klugar, Czech National Centre for evidence-based health care and knowledge translation. Prof. Cristina Gavrilovici, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania and Dr Jeromir Maticek, Third faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, Check Republic, contributed to the attractive plenary session and discussion “Accents on medical ethics in Eastern Europe”. 

125 Bulgarian participants presented results of their research in 10 parallel sessions on basic problems in public health. 

All abstracts of plenary lectures, workshops and presentations of Bulgarian participants, published in English at the Supplement of the Pleven University Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Research (JBMR), can be found here...